Incredible submissions, difficult decisions, but three finalists have been selected


As you may have read in our previous post, Mirum wanted to do something impactful. So they asked their clients to vote for their favorite early-stage charity, promising to put their Mirum24 maker teams into action to help the chosen charity reach their goals. 

Their clients chose us, for our audacious mission to empower the hundreds of millions of underserved children who do not have access to schooling to take their learning into their own hands. 


So, these Mirum24 maker teams jumped on it and attacked our brief with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Over the past two months, smart thinking from the teams resulted in amazing work, exhibiting Mirum strengths in technology, teamwork, passion for design and ideas, commitment to craft, and the power of data-driven insights.

Their entire network was represented, with 12 teams from Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, France, London, Singapore, Jakarta, Miami, San Diego and New York. The teams produced wonder-making ideas that addressed everything from the service design of a new learning map, to their marketing challenge of how to tell our story.  

It made our judges’ job of choosing three finalists incredibly difficult.

That said, a decision had to be made, and after the meticulous process of reviewing all the submissions, Mirum’s Frederic Bonn and John Baker, along with Dev4X’s Bodo Hoenen and Misha Eydman, have announced the three finalists:

  • Team X-Prime – France: Romesh Ramful, Sylvain Plantier, Laurie Favreau and Sophie Dolinski  
  • Team Quirk – South Africa & London: Ali Merifield, Leonard Ngobeni, Charlie Gilbert and Scott Gray
  • Team Brazil & Team New York: Ayres Landal, Felipe Gomide, Fernando Krasnievicz, Juliana Morozowski, Nicole Arnold, Jamie Dwyer, Liza Timmins and Tony Oblen (Brazil & New York teams combined for final round due to the similarity of concepts)

We want to congratulate the three finalist teams, who will join us in New York on June 3 to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges from UNICEF, UNESCO, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ashoka, Khan Academy, and more.



Check out a sample of their work below.


Team Honey Badger/X-Prime


Team New York


Team Co.De + Quirk from BRAZIL, London & South Africa

We want to thank everyone who submitted work.

Ultimately the real winners will be the underserved children who, through all our joint efforts can be empowered to take their learning into their own hands.
— Bodo Hoenen - Dev4X

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