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We are building a platform + economy for solving grand challenges. It helps innovators create "innovation bricks" that tackle specific problems, It helps entrepreneurs use those bricks, stack them together and create viable businesses, and it helps investors fund successful innovation in a positive-sum economy, where an investment in 1 is an investment in many

The Challenge

How do we go beyond incremental improvements and completely transform how our Global Grand Challenges are overcome and solutions are implemented?


Why traditional innovation WON'T cut it

First, there is a critical flaw in traditionally siloed innovation: radical innovation generally happens only once within closed systems. After that initial radical innovation is implemented, the natural state of the system is to protect that innovation and focus on optimization instead.

Secondly, 80% of challenges require a different approach to solving them. They require platform thinking as a public good.

With Open Social Innovation we can tackle 100% of global challenges. We can rapidly increase innovation within the top 20% where viable business models can be created, while at the same time address the bottom 80% with innovation shared as a common good.


The Open Way:


Open Social Innovation generates solutions at an exponential pace by enabling them to be amended, localized, and recombined. It empowers innovators to leverage collective intelligence, mutualization and networked innovation.



open systems need three fundamentals

Many attempts at open innovation have stumbled. We have worked with some of them, researched successful models and prototyped our own platform within open science and cancer research. 

We found that open systems need three fundamentals, that only recently became viable to develop:

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Fundamental 1 + 2

We think of projects as a collection of bricks, bricks that are small components of the greater project, like, a business model, a piece of technology that purifies water, a marketing strategy that cultivates grassroots activation. Consider the potential when each innovative project is able to share their ‘bricks’ within an interoperable framework, allowing the bricks to easily be, modified, improved and recombined with others.

With a library of these open bricks, innovation can rapidly accelerate, collective intelligence can be mutualized and innovation can grow exponentially.

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Serendipity AI

Our AI will generate powerful recommendations to projects, thanks to our interoperability framework. We may find a hydrogen fuel cell filter may work for a water purification project, or a textbook distribution model may be appropriate for a project selling mosquito nets.

People recommendation works similarly. When we understand the details of bricks and we have people earning tokens within bricks we can match appropriately credited people to solve specific challenges.


Fundamental 3

We recognize that we need positive sum incentive mechanisms for an Open Innovation commons. To accomplish this we are experimenting with building an innovation market model that would work for various venture types: Be they volunteer, non-profit ventures or those that generate revenue. 


Innovation Market

In a innovation market, tokens are earned within bricks by contributing to them. In addition, when bricks are copied, the contributors to that brick are rewarded with tokens in the project that uses it. Both Projects and individual innovators can build sustainable businesses.

Instead of a brick only being used by one entity, in the innovation market It’s impact can be multiplied many fold, it can be used by thousands, each providing the contributors to that brick with value.

Trading rules

Users can trade tokens of any project using their SDG$ cash

Short selling is possible (to allow the price of a project to go lower even if the trader does not hold tokens of the project)

From their contributions & trading operations, users get a portfolio of token holdings from various projects

Impact Multiplier

When Projects are invested in, they improve their bricks that make their company work. This investment is multiplied manyfold throughout the network, which feeds back again to the project.

It is a positive sum economy - An investment in one is an investment in many.



Our Current work


We have successfully ran an open cancer research pilot, and now we are building a full ecosystem where the entire development cycle of innovation fully leverages openness. 

  • Design - Rapidly leverage existing innovation

  • Build - Tap into innovators

  • Test - Generate funding, investment and customers

  • Analyze - Leverage open research and AI to rapidly evolve the innovation

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Just One Giant Lab

(JOGL) is the technology stack we are leveraging for this audatious project. Together JOGL and Dev4X share an audatious vision, These are mockups of the UI updates currently underway on our existing platform.


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  • learn from millions of ideas, experiments, approaches, failures and successes.

  • Tap into the cognitive surplus of innovators you could never hope to employ yourself.

  • Access and contribute to collective intelligence

  • Build a portfolio, network, experience, skills

  • Funding and Marketing opportunities


Our Vision, 
What we expect


Open systems and the 4th industrial revolution decentralizes and distributes power and value according to new rules. This generates exciting opportunities for youth and those that want to change the way the world works.

We could usher in a world where problem solving, can generate massive job opportunities, outpacing those lost due to automation. Where innovative organizations are massively distributed, and value output is shared according to value input.



Youth Thrive !

We have geared our platform towards Youth, those in pioneering challenge-based learning programs, research projects and maker labs. Here through grit, experimentation, collaboration and continual learning, they gain the 21st century skills needed to adapt and thrive in our uncertain future. 

While at the same time developing real-world value, a portfolio of projects, verified skills and a trusted reputation. 



TEam and Collaborators


We are social entrepreneurs, scientists, educators and technology specialists working on audatious "Moonshot" projects that drive innovation.


PhD, Founder of CRI, expert on the future of research and education. UNESCO Chair “Learning sciences”.

Moonshot Innovator, working on grand challenges using open innovation, Founder of Dev4X

Gaëll Mainguy

PhD, With a pronounced taste for breaking silos, Gaëll has developed projects successively in Neuroscience, Open science, Collective Intelligence, Urban studies, Energy and Sustainability.

Thomas Maillart

Senior Researcher at University of Geneva, collective intelligence, human dynamics, social wearables, cyber risks.

Vaibhav Chhabra

Founder of Maker’s Asylum, STEAM school, running in collaboration with the French embassy in India, brings together global participants that solve and prototype for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Luping Xu

PhD, Director of Open FIESTA Center, Tsinghua University. Generating a paradigm change in future science and education.

Arno Klein

PhD, Child Mind Institute’s Director of Innovative Technologies, spearheaded several open science initiatives.

Nancy Welsh

A global leader who developed innovative strategies and initiatives around the world. She has managed dynamic teams tasked in building international movements that empower citizens to solve their own social issues.



Partners and friends

CRI - Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires

CRI - Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires

Geneva - Tsinghua Initiative

Geneva - Tsinghua Initiative

Open FIESTA Tsinghua University

Open FIESTA Tsinghua University

United Labs for Global Goals

United Labs for Global Goals

University of Geneva

University of Geneva



Child Mind Institute

Child Mind Institute

An Open Innovation Festivalfor Science, Technology & Society

An Open Innovation Festivalfor Science, Technology & Society