Education is Hope, Education is Peace.
— Malala Yousafzai
Image:  Malala Fund

During Malala's Nobel Peace Prize speech, she told the world that the award was not only for herself, but for "for those forgotten children who want (an) education."  

Malala's life, while only a short 18 years, has been a most singular story.  Having survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban just under three years ago, she and her father's fight to keep one small school free from destruction by the Taliban, has turned into a global movement for equal opportunity in education everywhere.  The assassination attempt led to protests across Pakistan, which led to Pakistan's passing of the Right To Free and Compulsory Education Bill, which further led to her becoming the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  

And yet, with each new milestone, her aspiration and determination seems to grow.  The creation of the Malala Fund provides us with tangible updates to her painstaking work and an ongoing battle for education equality.   We look forward to seeing more of her inspiring speeches and great work abroad. We especially cannot wait to see her new documentary "HE NAMED ME MALALA".  You can sign up for updates and pledge to see her movie from the Malala Fund website.


Malala's ongoing fight for equal opportunity in education, especially in regions that are culturally challenged, continue to inspire the team here at Dev4x.

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