Dev4X - Global Collaboration Day Events


Students, teachers, and organizations will celebrate global collaboration on September 17th! On this day (and beyond), experienced global educators and professionals will host connective projects and events and invite public participation. The primary goals of this whole day event are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources and projects that are available to educators today. on September 17th!

Event 1: 6pm (New York UCT - 4) on Wednesday 16th

General Update Hangout

This will be a general update hangout to introduce you to what we are doing, answering any questions and introducing you to others who are working on the project.



Event 2: 5pm (New York UCT - 4) on Wednesday 16th

Children in remote areas need thousands of books.

Our Moonshot Education project aims to empower all children, including the most underserved, to improve their lives and their future through learning. Join the Dev4x team on September 16th and 17th Global Collaboration Day when we aim to make 100 e-books together.  See an example:

We will be holding this webinar using blackboard collaborate. To access it click the button to DOWNLOAD a file for your PC or MAC. You will be required to save and run a small file which will connect you to the online webinar. 


Session Plan for workshop

Instructions on how to make this:

  1. Sign up and search on Vimeo to find a video less than < 1 min.
  2. Restrict your Filter for videos licensed as CC-BY
    1. I found this video that will appeal to children 7 - 10 yrs of age: . (Or you could use own video from your own mobile phone video gallery)
  3. Download a small SD version of this video to your computer - 640 x 360 (1mb - 2 mb)
  4. Register to the free H5P  Editor . Start a new item and choose Interactive Video: 
  5. Select the + sign to upload the Video you previously downloaded from Vimeo.  Add a title and copyright / licensing details - CC-BY and the URL where you found the video
  6. Add Interactions. We will only add the T text captions for this demo. Type in the caption and how long you want it displayed. Select the option to PAUSE the video for each new caption. Unselect the option to show caption as a button.
  7. Select Save and you are finished! See an example: 
  8. Please email the file to our team so that we can review, translate them into different languages and share them with underserved children in the developing world and help them learn to read.

These books will be used to introduce reading and the joy of learning to the many millions of children that currently do not have access to schools or quality education.


This is a small part of a much larger project and we invite you to see what it is all about. Come join our global community to radically rethink education for the most underserved children.