Design Sprint

Over an intensive 20 day trip in East Africa we spent a great deal deal of time meeting new people, forming strong relationships and the beginnings of some solid partnerships.  It was during this time that we decided to host a Design Sprint Hackathon to bring together some of the best EdTech companies, technologists and designers. The event was a great success!


Problem Statements for the event, and some of our solutions:

  • Autonomous Self Schooling - How can we develop an educational solution that would work in a non-formal learning environment that does not have teachers or trained facilitators? 


  • Design - How can we design a user interface that is intuitive and does not rely on literacy or previous technology understanding, but can still become more advanced as the learner becomes more familiar with the interface?


  • Metrics and Assessment - How can we create metrics that matter? Metrics that can concretely measure the real world difference in the lives of these children. Metrics that will measure real impact and allow us to know what is working and what is not. 

We ended off the event presenting what we at Dev4X are doing to solve this challenge and rallying together the attendees to help us build out solutions to these challenges.