Dev4X - Working to empower those that cannot go to school to teach themselves

We've been working in Kiberia, a large informal settlement in Nairobi, with children who cannot go to school. These children are instead going to this informal day care centre, where the carer tries her best to provide what little education she can. 

We simply cannot build enough schools or train enough teachers to reach children like these, and there are so many! 50 million children cannot access schools, and more than 650 million who may have access still cannot get a basic education because their schools are staffed by poorly trained teachers who are often absent (UNESCO). We need to think differently about how we can solve this challenge!

Even with all the good work so many Governments, NGO’s and individuals are doing, we will only be able to give these children a basic primary education by 2086. That means an additional three generations of children may be lost

Image by: Brad Ruggles

Dev4X is tackling this challenge in a radically unique way, by developing a highly scalable adaptive learning platform that can cost-effectively be distributed to all children who need it. A platform which can work in a formal supervised mode as well as an informal self-directed mode, in order to reach those children who cannot get quality education and those who will never go to school.

Over the next few weeks we will be spending a great deal of time working with children in a variety of challenging contexts to field test various approaches and bring us a little closer to our goal.

Imagine all children could learn, even if they have no access to schools or teachers.
Dev4X Autonomous Self-Schooling