The Moonshot Education Project has the audacious but achievable mission of; Providing a 100X improvement in the education of the world’s poorest children, to reach a billion children in the next 10 years, and to do so at a 100th the cost of current approaches. We know that if we can help the poorest of children, we will help everyone in many different ways. This is achievable because all of the technology, content and expertise that needs to be deployed is already available.  We just need to inspire the people and organizations that want to solve this challenge too, instead of working separately, put aside any personal agendas, business models, politics and fear, and do this together.

We are not trying to trivialize the challenge; we understand that there is still much to learn about the optimal ways within which to deploy the technology and content most optimally. And, there is even more to learn about the best methods or providing adaptable, personalized education that is both engaging and fulfilling. But even with today's technology and understanding what we can deliver is many times better than the 250 million most impoverished and vulnerable children are receiving now.

With this in mind I come to you with a question:

How do you suggest we continue to work as a community to solve this challenge?

To kick off the conversation and provide some talking points here is a simplified process and list of tools we could use:

  1. Project is found by search, social and other avenues
  2. Dev4X website is the Projects’ public facing site on which we post the status of the project via the blog and other pages. Interested individuals can comment on the posts, engage in discussion, and express interest in helping by filling out the Join Us form on the site.
  3. Individuals that express interest in code related projects are invited to help on our code projects via our GitHub repository (A popular tool for collaborative code development).
  4. Individuals that express interest in operational or content related projects are invited to join on relevant Basecamp projects when they are kicked off (a popular tool for collaborative project management).