(For those of you coming to this post without prior knowledge: we are a social venture that is developing educational technology for the most vulnerable and marginalized children around the world. Up until now, though our partners mainly, we have been testing if existing electronic learning content like games and apps, could be used by completely illiterate and disconnected children to teach themselves, even when they have no access to teachers. And the resounding answer is yes. There are about 250 million kids in this situation around the world, illiterate, no access to adequate schooling, no resources, no internet and no support structures. We are developing a highly scalable solution for these children: see more on our home page)

This post is not about asking for money — we wont say no if you want to donate though :) — but we are actively asking for advice and help with the key activity we are working on; raising funds and support.

Currently this project is being run by volunteers, donating their time, effort and money to develop revolutionary educational solutions to the many issues facing the poorest children in the world. We have a solid plan and a growing community but our individual donations are not enough to build this solution as quickly as we know we should. So, we have been working on a plan to raise further funds and we need your help and advice.

We have our initial list of philanthropists, foundations and some venture funds that have social impact charters. We are starting to reach out to them directly or through grant applications, which is a highly time consuming project.

We can use your help in the following ways:

  • Do you have a suggestion on how we can be more effective in raising funds?
  • Can you introduce us to any philanthropists, foundations or other potential organizations that might want to help?

If you can help in any way please contact us directly here.