The following are not Dev4X projects, but they are projects we have supported given our passion for open developemnt and space exploration. 


Crowdsourced nano satellite


The Image to the right is taken from the first crowdsourced nano satellite. It was launched from the international space station in 2014.  

This project produced the first crowdfunded open satellite available to anyone. The plans are available for anyone to use and develop their own:

We helped in the fundraising and community outreach for this project. 



The Arkyd space telescope

 Dr. Peter Diamandis and Bodo Hoenen at the kickoff event for the Arkyd space telescope, built by Planetary Resources.

The Arkyd Space Telescope project, the audatious project to crowdfund a space telescope. It was successfully funded and launched a few years later.

More information can be found here:

We were community vanguards and helped with the crowdfunding platform for this project. 



LightSail 2 a Solar Sail Cube Satellite 


LightSail 2 is a project to demonstrate controlled solar sailing using a CubeSat artificial satellite, developed by The Planetary Society, a global non-profit organization devoted to space exploration.

This mission will launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy (2019) 

We helped in the fundraising and community outreach. More info here:  theplanetarysociety