Empowering Children

Poor access to education
124 million children do not have access to schools, and it will take until 2086 before current approaches reach them all.

Global Skills Gaps
650 million learn in one-size-fits-all factory model schools, growing up with critical skills gaps.

A billion children grow up uninspired by education without realising their inner strength, worth and passion.  

These children need us to do better than we have, they need us to solve this while they are still children, ... and we can.

What we are doing

We now know that children with no prior exposure to modern technology, and without instruction or guidance can start to learn using our software.

We also now know what tools would best empower children to take their learning into their own hands.

And so in this next phase we start to build the tools that children can use to better their ability to self-learn and learn in peer-to-peer groups.



Our Approach

Our unique approach is to leverage the children's innate curiosity and passion to empower them to take their learning into their own hands.

Through self-directed and group learning they are fostering core skills like creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, empathy, and realizing the beautiful joy of learning.

Technology will be their tool, curiosity will fuel their discovery of curriculum and sharing, will be what drives their success. For details read more here.

What would happen if the millions of children who cannot go to school could still learn anything they needed to? This is what we are answering
— Bodo Hoenen, Founder of Dev4X


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