Providing Skills

From the start we created an open project where anyone with the passion and talent, could contribute to this audacious project. The early stage volunteers included:  Bodo Hoenen,   Michael Eydman, NatalieMatt KenigsonKatieVincent OgutuJames StanfieldThibault SorretThierry Karsenti, Stuart Holmes, Sunday,   Jeff Bennett, Phaedra de Saint-Rome, Hiroshi E. Shiina,  Anthony DiFlorio, Chetan Pinto,  Miles Lasater, Dean Thompson, Avron Barr, Michael Sutton, Andrew CohenDiana Sharp, Niketan Valapakam, Amita Krautloher, Robert Eckart, Millavi Saidi, Jake Fischer, Tim Young and many others. See full map here