Have you ever thought of a project that if people would just stop for one second and do the obvious, the world would be a whole lot better for it. Our project is centered in that basic principle! If we could come together, we could solve much of the worlds poverty and the health, early pregnancy and malnutrition issues. We could end the majority of sex slavery, forced marriage and gender inequality. We could develop and empower a new generation of educated, critically minded youth that are able to change the tide of dogma, extremism and recklessness, to replace it with thoughtful maturity, morality and peace. 

We are attempting something profoundly important and we are trying to do so with a radically different approach by being totally open, building open source and offering our solution for free. The challenge we are facing here is not a technical one —even though we are pushing the boundaries of new technologies and building something profoundly different. The real challenge is getting this technology and content out of closed proprietary silos and aligning them into an open, free-access, extensible platform.

There are many that are working on parts of what we are doing, can we convince a small portion of them simply join us in developing something for free and open source that will serve us all? All we need is a few minds and hearts like yours to help us shift this environment of closed competition to one of open collaboration.

Putting the children first is the only way we should operate in education!

Please join us us, or contact us directly.