It seems by backpack is a little heavier this time... 25 kg each excess weight these days. I am so excited to be taking my children home again. We have been practising some Swahili and thinking about how we can improve education for our family with technology.

My children are 7 and 8 years old now and I have been observing and documenting their technology preferences. Our first use of ed tech was googling the anatomy of various animals and answering about 500 questions a day fired at me by two inquisitive toddlers. When the kids were 3 and 4 we started using a 10" inch Acer tablet. I watched my four year old teach his 3 year old sister how to play games. Their favourite activity was to take photos and videos of nostrils and toes.

A little later we bought Google Nexus 7" tablets and they discovered multi-player Minecraft pocket edition. It was astounding to see what two pre-literate children could achieve thanks to a well designed interface using visual communication.

Next week they will meet their two year old cousin and I will watch how my children teach her. First, we stop in Barcelona for the Gamification World Congress.


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