Collaboration Opportunity

For: Universities and Individuals involved in primary school teaching programs

To: Develop content for the Moonshot Education project

In return: Dev4X will offer participants free workshops on developing HTML5  mobile friendly learning resources.


Contact:  or


Need for crowd-sourced content

The Moonshot Education Project is aimed at developing tablet-based learning software to provide basic literacy, numeracy skills to underserved children around the world. This project is an outcome of the passion and enthusiasm of a group of individuals from around the world who are volunteering their time to eradicate “educational poverty” from the face of earth.

The first challenge is to develop a learning platform that is user-friendly and appealing to young children who have never been exposed to technology. The evolution of this technology will take some years to come to fruition. See more about the Dev4X technology here and our impact roadmap here.

The second challenge is to complement the learning platform with a variety of content, covering various areas of knowledge, to meet children’s learning needs. This is a mammoth task and why we are crowdsourcing help to join our rapidly growing open project.

We would like to invite contributions, from individuals and organisations around the world, to support our endeavour by developing media for this open project. In return we will offer a free workshop on developing HTML5 mobile friendly resources, which is currently a highly sought skill in our industry.

We would like to hear from you if you can support our project in any possible way.