A decade ago someone said to me: Karibu Tena - welcome again to Tanzania. So I am dusting off my backpack and I am getting ready to fly back to East Africa!

Unlike last time I travelled, when a few random emails was all you could expect from me, this time I invite you to join me via social media.

During this trip I will be exploring the use of mobile technologies, play and games in education. In 2006 when I was in the middle of the Serengeti, eating soggy sandwiches on Christmas day, I realised I had a strong signal so I could use my mobile phone. I saw the beginning of mobile phone adoption and extensive investment in infrastructure. Since then my career has moved forward and merged my skills in technology, education and play into a space I call 'gamification'. I have experience with Learning Management Systems, developing mobile friendly content, and experiential learning. I am returning to Tanzania with these new skills and will meet with local families and communities to discuss what can be achieved through mobile learning.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of this adventure with all of the ups and downs!


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