Turing Test breakthrough team joins Dev4X in Global Learning XPRIZE competition


New York City, September 22, 2014

Dev4X is leading a community of technology developers and education experts to develop an open source platform to autonomously teach children in the most challenging environments to read, write, and perform basic numeracy within 18 months. This effort, called the Moonshot Education Project, aims to provide a 10X improvement in the education of the world’s poorest children, to reach a billion children in the next 10 years, and to do so at a 100th the cost of current approaches. The Princeton AI team —who recently pass the iconic Turing Test— is delighted to be joining forces in collaborating with Dev4X on this project and to enter the newly announced Global Learning XPRIZE which is perfectly aligned to this project's mission.

The XPRIZE have always strived to make the impossible possible and have tackled some of the world’s grandest challenges by creating incentivized competitions for teams around the world to pursue. This includes private spaceflight, 100 MPGe cars, oil-cleanup technology and most recently, competitions to go back to the Moon, address ocean acidification, and revolutionize healthcare.

The Global Learning XPRIZE is a $15 million competition to create Open Source software that will autonomously teach children in the most challenging of environments to read, write, and perform basic numeracy within 18 months.

The team at Princeton AI will be creating a novel, open source, artificial intelligence engine to drive conversational interaction with the Dev4X platform, in any language, and in ways that are meaningful to the children who will be using the software.  

“We’re delighted to be able to assist Dev4X to solve this grand challenge by providing a thoughtful, fun, conversational interface for the children”, said John Denning, one of the core team members at Princeton AI.  

The Moonshot Education Project community that is coming together, is perfectly positioned to take part in this competition. With collective experience working on this problem for many years and some of the most amazing minds from varied backgrounds —like those from Princeton AI, we can tackle this problem in a unique open community approach.

“The XPRIZE has inspired some of the most daunting challenges to be overcome, and this challenge is truly world changing” said Bodo Hoenen Founder of Dev4X, “It does not matter who wins the competition, what matters is our children’s future. That is the real prize!”


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