This is the post that kicked the project off, originally posted on:

The Moonshot Education Project 

We are starting a new project, it's a Moonshot and we want to build a team to make it happen. As a Minimum Viable Product —jargon for quick test— we created a short storyboard of what we want to do.

It's a grand Moonshot: we want to reinvent education through the use of exponential technologies to be totally free, of the highest quality, available to all, and increasingly more effective and all encompassing. And because we are not the experts in this field we really think we can pull it off!

In this brief storyboard many of the goals are touched on, starting off with defining our initial mission: Create a platform that can teach children how to read and write, without having access to teachers, parental assistance or the internet. If successful, this will become the proof of concept and foundation for our future development.

We further explain our goals by asking, then answering, various questions and finally finishing off with an overview of what we want to do.

It is hoped that this will attract the right people to enquirer and join our core team. 

View the storyboard below, or click here to open it up in another window

To ensure we get the right people on our team with the correct motives we intend to launch a not-for-profit for this project, with the goal of offering our software as open source for all to use.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for the core team who will co-found this company and over the next 6 months create the framework for further recruitment and development. Currently we have a team of highly entrepreneurial people with children soon to enter school —which is why we are passionately pursuing this project.


This is the post that kicked the project off, originally posted on